Meet the Team

We’re a dynamic team of professionals and creative minds, celebrated for our vibrant personalities and humble approach. With versatility and dedication, we help companies like yours thrive, wearing multiple hats to ensure your success.

Technical Fellow

David, a seasoned expert with years of experience in multiple Microsoft Dynamics AX roles, began his career as a technical consultant, implementing Dynamics AX in Malaysia. With his extensive knowledge and skills, he quickly established himself as a valuable asset to the company. Recognizing his potential, David was subsequently promoted to various business roles, eventually becoming the key man responsible for managing the entire company.

Throughout his journey, David’s deep understanding of Microsoft Dynamics AX and his ability to adapt to different roles allowed him to make significant contributions to the organization. From implementing the software as a technical consultant to overseeing its usage and strategic implementation as a key decision-maker, David’s expertise proved invaluable.

Cindy, a highly accomplished Computer Science graduate with a first-class honors degree, commenced her professional journey as a Software Engineer responsible for managing the in-house ERP system at a semiconductor company.

Subsequently, she joined a renowned ERP consultancy firm in Singapore as a Consultant specializing in Dynamics AX. Proficient in both functional and technical aspects, she consistently showcases exceptional expertise in her role.

Principal Lead

Principal Technical Lead

Leong, a distinguished graduate from the Academy of Information Systems, demonstrates exceptional proficiency in numerous Microsoft Dynamics AX projects. His enthusiasm for exploring the platform enables him to deliver comprehensive solutions promptly.

Leong excels in integrating various systems and offers stable solutions that necessitate minimal post-implementation support. He possesses industry expertise in high-tech manufacturing, glove manufacturing, distribution, oil and gas, and chemicals.

Nurul, an adept professional, excelled as a system administrator and mobile developer at a local company. She honed her skills in system management and customized solutions for business needs.

Previously, Nurul worked as a planner in a telecommunications company’s research and development team, strategically identifying implementation locations for end-user solutions.

Nurul Fatimah
Supply Chain Management Lead

Siti Zulaiha
Financial Management Lead

Siti, equipped with a Master’s degree in Information Technology from a prestigious local university in Shah Alam, began her career in the banking industry. Her tenure in banking allowed her to gain exposure to a range of ERP systems.

With this valuable experience, Siti joined our team, committed to providing customer-centric functional and technical solutions that prioritize satisfaction.